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When most people hear the phrase “sport nutrition,” they usually immediately think of some sort of supplement or performance-enhancing drug. The priority is very much on performance and much less on balance and wellbeing and sustainable nutritional habits.

At Hemptons, we believe in working to enhance both the immediate and long-term goals of any athlete. We believe that in many ways working towards a more well-rounded, natural, nutritional balance will directly contribute to improved performance. Good food can help you feel more energized, heal rapidly and recover faster.

We believe that supplementation is a tool. In some cases, particularly for career athletes who train intensely and demand extraordinary feats from their bodies, it may be absolutely necessary. It may also be useful for people who are battling an illness, pregnant women, vegans and vegetarians, or people who cannot eat often enough to meet their dietary requirements. Ultimately, consuming all our nutrients from whole, live, real foods is always preferable (thought not always realistic).

For most regular exercisers, there are usually basic changes you can make towards a more natural diet that will both enhance performance and make you feel better about being active. In the following sections we will discuss four nutrients that we most commonly supplement and how to incorporate these nutrients into our diets naturally through food …

But, now to the reason you are here and we exist. As mentioned previously, there are times when you are not able to ingest enough food at the right time to ensure you are replenishing what you are burning off or cannot adequately assimilate the nourishment derived from food. That is when supplementation becomes crucial.

However, even more crucial is what form the supplementation comes in. Why exercise – for health - and then supplement with synthetic and chemical non-supportive substances? Why not turn to supplements that are completely natural – so will nourish your body, rather than increase the toxic and stress load – yet is effective in helping you race harder and longer and recover quicker.

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Endurance, Performance, Recovery

Used as a Pre- / Post Training Supplement to aid performance and assist with recovery.


Pure Protein

High in all 20 Amino Acids (good vegetarian source

of protein) and high in Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acid Supplements

High in Essential Fatty Acids - Omega 3, Omega 6, GLA, CLA & more


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